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07 Jun 2014 

Kawaei Rina, Owada Nana dan Takahashi Juri memainkan peran terkemuka dalam drama ini. Iwata Karen, Watanabe Mayu dan Yokoyama Yui juga muncul sebagai unit idola 'Susu Planet', mereka menyediakan lagu tema drama. Kategori: TV drama

Jumlah Episode yang luar biasa:? Garis besar: Mingguan ini menunjukkan fitur menakjubkan, mengejutkan dan lucu video dari seluruh dunia. Tomu dan Komariko guested pada acara minggu ini. Kategori: Variety show

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03 Jun 2014 
Solid Advice For Using Video In Social Media/p>

Running an Internet business might be complicated, because there is always something totally new sprouting up. New techniques, new processes, and new brands mean there's always something to see, but for a fresh business owner, it might be quite daunting, also. For instance, you must learn great ways to use social media sites, but you have to know what to do to make marketing effective. Here are a few suggestions so you're within the know on social media advertising.

Twitter could possibly be a good way to market your business. In the event you understand the nuances of Twitter, you could possibly gain exposure from hundreds, or thousands, of potential customers. Make an effort required to discover using keywords, hashtags, in addition to anything else that can be beneficial to you when you understand more about Twitter.

This enables visitors who read your blog share it with those on their own list of friends. This will increase the amount of website visitors to you blog, and therefore increase sales.

Invite your friends and acquaintances to go to your social media sites.

Let your overall customers determine if you start being active in social websites. After they join your social websites page, their friends will likely be notified. This really is basically free advertising and should not be underestimated. It is actually valuable because it is essentially a referral.

Have got a strategy before starting a marketing and advertising campaign involving social networking. You should determine how you need your page setup, how many times you are able to work towards it, and what you would like each page to search like. You need to have a timeline for reaching the target that you have set.

Possessing a widget in your site gives followers a terrific way to spread the saying concerning your site.

To generate a more friendly site that really works with social media marketing, try adding comments, ratings, and a few various ways to find.

Till you develop you hold unique style from the social websites world, you might have to borrow ideas. Take a look at their profiles and what kind of promotional gimmicks that they can utilize.

Connect with your prospects whenever you can! Reply to blog articles, if you think to get appropriate.

You can easily write a post once you get around one thousand followers on Twitter as an illustration. Thank your followers for showing a desire for your organization and ensure they know how much these are appreciated. This sort of article must quickly be shared.

Use both e-mail marketing along with social media. Also you can can get more subscribers for your newsletter if you have a link that goes toward more info about this.

You are able to efficiently advertise your products and interact with your potential customers by applying the following tips. Experiment with different ways to figure out what matches your needs. The World Wide Web is a great way to find customers and being innovative with it is crucial in doing so. If you do well at social media, your business will likely be successful.

Check out a page to find out more about Paid Social Networking Tasks and how to earn income on the internet. You should look through the internet online seminars located on the webpage.

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02 Jun 2014 
What is an inflated salary?

The reality is that many job seekers will fudge or embellish their current or past salaries on resumes and applications. Employers need to be concerned with this practice because it can be indicative of other resume lies.

Inflated salary is when a job applicant increases their previous salary in order to obtain higher wages when applying for a new job. It is used in place of the real past or current salary. Salary inflation is sometimes associated with an embellished title. When a job seeker promotes himself or herself, they usually attach a higher salary to the position. Unless verified by an employer through a background screening firm, it may not raise suspicion or be discovered.

How to discover a "salary inflator"

Sneaky applicants inflate their salaries because they know it is not easy to get a salary verification from past employers due to confidentiality issues. These applicants are aware of this and use it to their advantage.

Salaries are sometimes inflated to match self-promoted titles. Self-promoted titles are inflated titles job seekers give themselves, although they are not the actual title the applicant held in a previous position. The other reason why an applicant may be involved in salary inflation is to negotiate a higher salary. A reference check by a professional
pre-employment screening firm, such as Accu-Screen, Inc. will help catch this type of falsification on a resume.

Why salary inflators should not be hired

One of the main reasons salary inflators should not be hired is because lies about a past salary may be indicative of other forms of resume padding. When a job seeker is discovered padding their resume, an employer needs to question the suitability of that candidate for a position. If a candidate has to embellish their resume to qualify for the position, then they are probably not qualified. Salary lies also demonstrates poor ethics and lack of trustworthiness.

When salary inflators are caught

When inflated salaries are discovered, the employer has the right and responsibility to question the job applicant about their resume or application. It may be a good idea to give the candidate the opportunity to explain any discrepancies. Additional information given by the job applicant can be verified thorough a background screening like
Accu-Screen, Inc, including a criminal records check. Remember that an employer has the responsibility to protect all its assets.

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01 Jun 2014 
ISLAMABAD: India and Afghanistan failed on Tuesday to make progress on the issue of transit fee for the $7.6 billion Tapi (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline which will pass through Afghan territory.

As a result, Pakistan and India also could not agree on the transit fee for the pipeline's segment passing through Pakistan which has linked its fee structure with the India-Afghan agreement.

Technical teams of the three countries held talks for two days.

For the pipeline, Afghanistan will charge Pakistan and India a transit fee and Pakistan will charge India the same amount.

Sources said the difference was just of 3 US cents per mmBTU (million British Thermal Unit) and could be settled anywhere in-between but would require political support from the Indian and Afghan leadership and -a push from the US- which was supporting the project.

The Afghan side demands 54 US cents per mmBTU but India has offered 44 cents and then raised it to 47 cents, but Kabul declined to agree on anything below 50 cents, the sources said.

But, the India team did not have the mandate to offer more than 47 cents. It was, therefore, agreed that the parties will hold another round of talks and in the event of their failure to reach an accord a pipeline steering committee led by the Asian Development Bank which is to meet in Ashgabat on May 6 will play the role of mediator.Pakistan has told the visiting delegations that instead of negotiating a separate transit fee it would accept the fee structure agreed upon by India and Afghanistan.

Pakistan has already cleared a formal signing of gas sales and purchase agreement (GSPA) with Turkmenistan. The agreement is expected to be signed by Turkmengaz and Interstate Gas Company in the first week of May.

Under the agreement, Turkmenistan will supply 1.3 billion cubic feet gas per day at a price equivalent to about 70 per cent of Brent Crude Oil price delivered in Multan.

The Economic Coordination Committee of the cabinet constituted a committee last week to analyse the cost of risk sharing for gas transportation through war-torn Afghan territory and the overall cost of pipeline project inside Pakistan.

The pricing formula finalised by India, Pakistan and Turkmenistan was based on common principles but the base price for India and Pakistan was different. In view of security situation in Afghanistan its reluctance to bear the risks involved, Turkmenistan and Pakistan had agreed to share the risk with an upper and lower limit of risk costs.

The ministerial committee will submit its report to a steering committee comprising federal ministers and the chief minister of Balochistan to examine risk-sharing and transportation costs, transit fee and gas price review mechanism.

The pipeline is expected to bring gas to Pakistan by December 2016, depending on a credible security apparatus in Afghanistan where it will provide 500mmcfd of gas.Turkmenistan also offered to increase the supply to about two billion cubic feet a day if the two sides agreed on transporting about 700 million cubic feet a day (mmcfd) to Gwadar port for eventual sale or export as liquefied natural gas.

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29 May 2014 

Kebijakan Presiden diuraikan adalah salah satu yang bergantung kurang pada tindakan langsung oleh militer AS dan lebih pada memungkinkan mitra di seluruh dunia untuk menyediakan keamanan mereka sendiri terhadap berbagai ancaman. Swift penarikan pasukan AS di Afghanistan dari 32.000 untuk 9.800 pada akhir tahun ini dengan penarikan lengkap dalam dua tahun akan memberikan Amerika Serikat tenaga dan peralatan untuk pergeseran fokus untuk memerangi terorisme di luar Afghanistan, katanya. Pindahkan mencerminkan fakta bahwa todays ancaman utama tidak lagi berasal dari kepemimpinan al-Qaeda terpusat. Sebaliknya, itu berasal dari afiliasi al-Qaida desentralisasi dan ekstremis, banyak dengan agenda terfokus di negara-negara tempat mereka beroperasi. Saat ini ada sekitar 4.500 pasukan operasi khusus Amerika di Afghanistan, tetapi tidak ada kata yang telah diberikan mengenai bagaimana banyak akan tetap melewati 2014, dan seberapa besar persentase dari pasukan AS 9.800 mereka akan meliputi. Bagian penting dari inisiatif akan berfokus pada pelatihan pasukan dari negara-negara yang mana para ekstrimis telah mampu mengambil keuntungan dari kekacauan internal dan lemah pemerintahan pusat untuk membangun kapasitas mereka sendiri. Dana akan memberikan kita fleksibilitas untuk memenuhi misi yang berbeda, termasuk pelatihan pasukan keamanan di Yaman yang telah pergi pada serangan terhadap al-Qaida; mendukung kekuatan multinasional yang menjaga perdamaian di Somalia; bekerja dengan Eropa sekutu untuk melatih pasukan keamanan berfungsi dan perbatasan patroli di Libya; dan memfasilitasi operasi Perancis di Mali, kata Presiden.

Ia menemukan perutnya sangat sulit, jadi ia mengirim Ayumi akan dimonitor. Ternyata dia sedang mengalami kontraksi persalinan sangat kuat, tanpa perasaan itu, dan cerivx dia adalah 91% perabotnya!!! Dia mengaku dan mereka memberikan obat nya untuk menghentikannya. Dia tidak diperbolehkan pergi tidur bahkan ke kamar mandi. (Dia mungkin akan kehilangan pernikahan kakaknya, yang dalam 2 minggu.

Pendingin udara dengan cara yang sama. Jika blower pada sistem AC tidak dapat bernapas, sistem tidak akan keren dengan benar, "kata Brandon Hart, HVAC teknisi. Persiapan A.C. unit diperiksa secara teratur oleh seorang teknisi juga penting, karena kebanyakan pemilik rumah tidak mampu untuk benar mendiagnosa dan memperbaiki sistem sendiri. "Saya telah melihat contoh dimana unit, blower motor penuh dengan kotoran, ada ada penyaring.

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